‘NYC 22’ Recap ‘Firebomb’ on CBS

As this episode of “NYC 22″ opens, the rookies are on their first midnight shift. The undercover cop who works with the gangs gives them the info that a gang uprising is in the making. As Lazarus and Tonya walk the beat, they see drug deals taking place; they call for the patrol car of two veteran cops who tell them to leave them alone because they have an understanding with them. By letting the smaller criminals do their thing, they keep the bigger criminals at bay. Then suddenly the dealer’s house explodes, sending a fireball across the street. After the scene is checked, they found out that a Molotov cocktail was thrown in the back door.

Now the word on the street is that the gang wants to take over the drug dealer’s business. The neighborhood is a tight neighborhood with nice caring people. They know about the dealer, but he is an otherwise law abiding citizen.

Jackpot and Kahn meet up with Jackpot’s friend Monster from the hood, now a big rap star who got permission to walk the beat with the cops so he can star in a movie. When Jackpot was in the NBA, they tried to outdo each other with the things they had, now Jackpot is a cop, at least one of them is rich.

As the neighborhood watch stays on lookout, the police try to keep two gangs from taking over the neighborhood. Then shots are fired by one of the neighbors who feels the police are not doing enough.

McLaren and White House ran into the young thug who they rescued from the gang; he is still hanging around with them. He promised his sister that he would look after him, but the kid gives him a run for his money. He catches him with burglary tools after he was harassing a drug store owner. Now aware that they are planning a burglary, he arrests him for spray paint possession before the robbery takes place. When the other members break into the drug store, the police are there with guns drawn.

Tonya breaks up an argument between neighbor of the drug dealer and a customer. When she walks him into his house, she notices liquor bottles and recognizes one as the Molotov cocktail bottle that firebombed the dealer’s house. He did this out of jealousy because his liquor business was doing poorly but the weed seller was doing well.

So went the first midnight shift as a rookie cop; what will happen next at the “NYC 22″?

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