‘NYC 22’ Recap ‘Lost and Found’ on CBS

As this episode of NYC 22 opens, the cops are having their morning briefing before going on patrol. The discussion is about a “stop the violence rally” conducted by local religious and politicians.

Lazarus and Kenny are together for the first time and respond to a call about firecrackers going off in an apartment and find the makings of a bomb factory; and it looks like the bomber will be attending the rally. The cops act quickly to disperse the rally before the bomber breaks it up for good. His apartment also contains eerie pictures of a beautiful woman it turns out that he is stalking, but she gives the rookies info about his day job at a church. When they find him at the church, he threatens to blow up the entire building if they come any closer to him. Fortunately, Yoda is following the rookies and takes him down before he detonates the bomb. Finally after a lengthy explanation by Yoda of what will happen to him if the bomb goes off, he gives up the location, right near the stage of the rally.

Jackpot and Kahn are assigned a prisoner transport when the van of prisoners breaks down and the prisoners start getting restless and fighting. Jackpot came from the ghetto and does not trust any of the prisoners, but Kahn allows one who could fix the truck to come out. He is a good guy who took a plea bargain in self-defense and plans to not be there forever.

White House and Sanchez answer a call about a boy wandering a park. He tells them that he knows where he lives and they take him there. Unfortunately, the mother does not seem worried and resists any suggestions the officers make about it ever happening again. When they are leaving, he gives her a picture he drew of his mother, but it does not resemble the woman they gave him to. Now they will be looking for the real mother.

The bomb squad sends in a robot to retrieve the backpack and finds that it is the wrong one. The backpack they took belongs to a school girl who probably picked up the wrong backpack. Now they must find her before the bomb goes off. Now the search is on for the girl who has a boyfriend who belongs to a killer gang. When the cops spot them, they hop on a motorcycle and get away with cops in hot pursuit.

When Sanchez and White House find the mother, she runs away from them, but they corner her and she tells them how she sold her son for $2,000 because she was a junkie, but she has been clean, but after trying to see him, the woman who has him now promised that she would have her killed if she came back. The rookies meet up with the woman who they delivered him to. She tells them how he was when she got him; undernourished and his special needs had to be addressed. Now they tell her to bring him to a ‘bodega’ so his mother can buy him an ice cream, but she did not show.

When the cops finally catch up with them, they go under a grandstand, but she gets stuck. The cops tell her that she was not in trouble, but grabbed the wrong backpack. Her boyfriend opens it and sees the bomb and takes off leaving her behind. Lazarus helps her out of the backpack and they escape to safety just in time for the explosion and everyone lives to see another day. For these New York City rookie cops, it is just another day at the NYC 22.

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