‘NYC 22’ Recap “Thugs and Lovers” on CBS

As this episode of “NYC 22″ opens, the rookies are briefed about a Shamrock killer who has a tattoo of a shamrock on his neck. As McLaren and Khan are ready to start their tour, in strolls McLaren’s father, a detective comes into the precinct and immediately tells McLaren to shine his shoes before hitting the street.

They get a call about a bank holdup and as the cops arrive, a civilian named Jeff (Richard Kind) diverts the robbers as one gets away. Several police officers try to chase and keep track of the perp, but they lose him in the crowds of people. As Lazarus and White House are on patrol, they find the same civilian being mugged by a man. As both are brought in to the station, the perp tells the cops that the man was trying to give him $5,000 to kill someone.

Lazarus finds Shamrock walking with his wife and baby and takes a beating before Sánchez comes to help pin him down while they put the cuffs on him. Shamrock continues to stare at Lazarus who fears that he recognizes him from the bar where Lazarus froze and did not act and Sánchez covered for him putting the two of them in jeopardy of losing their job if caught.

McLaren meets up with Michelle who thanks him for arresting her brother on a graffiti charge. Her brother T-Rex is involved with a gang and McLaren knew the gang was going to hold up a drugstore.

White House and Jackpot find out that Jeff is living two lives and it looks like he is trying to put himself in jeopardy to get killed so he can end it all. As a woman runs out of a beauty parlor, she tells the rookies what she saw and they follow Jeff into the subway to make sure he is alright. Then later at the precinct they find out that he confessed to his wife about his affair and she killed him with a steak knife.

Shamrock continues to stare at Lazarus and he tells Yoda that he saw him in a bar while he was drinking and he knows that he recognizes him. Yoda has faith in Lazarus and tells him not to worry and if Shamrock says something; they will deal with it then. Yoda goes to Shamrock and advises him that if he mentions anything about any of his officers seeing him prior to his arrest; his girlfriend will be arrested for harboring a fugitive and his baby will be taken away from them. Yoda goes to Lazarus and tells him to go to a meeting and never to show up for roll call with a headache again.

McLaren visits Michelle and kisses her as the door closes. Another day dawns in the life of these New York City rookie cops; what will happen next at the “NYC 22?”

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