‘NYC 22’ Series Premiere Recap on CBS

NYC 22 is a new series about six rookie cops from different backgrounds and ethnicities, who start out together at the 22<sup>nd</sup> Precinct. As the series opens, each one is scurrying to get to their first day on the job; all in civilian clothes carrying their uniforms. They arrive and are seemingly an unwelcome group. As they riding in a van driven by their training officer, Sergeant Daniel Dean, also called “Yoda,” they are dropped off at their assigned foot posts in pairs.

Now their job is to get to know each other and keep each other safe. Sgt. Dean picks up two of the rookies for a special assignment. The three of them go into a building where there is an old man’s dead body in a bathtub. The smell is overwhelming, but it’s part of the job. Then Sgt. Dean takes them to visit a policeman’s widow who recognizes Rookie Jayson “Jackpot” Toney, a former NBA star who slacked off and forfeited his career. The woman gave him a tongue lashing and then he had to fix her clogged toilet.

Another rookie, Officer Tonya Sánchez sees a woman with a sever face wound. She tries to help the woman and walks her to her apartment where her husband pulls a shotgun on her while he rants about losing his career. When her partner, Ray “Lazarus” Harper comes looking for her, she lets him in as the gunman is holding the gun on her and now on him too. While being held at gunpoint, Harper tells the gunman how he lost his job after 14 years, spent a year drunk, lost his family but then got it together. He promised him that the world does come back, but when their baby cries, the chaos gets diffused and the gunman is subdued.

Meanwhile, the other rookies are caught in the middle of a gang war that broke out. When several cop cars arrive, the crowd disperses. Back at the station, the group is chewed out for all the mistakes they made by Sgt. Dean. Officer Sánchez is called to the police van as she is walking home, and Dean summons her with the siren. When she gets in the van he tells her that they met several years ago when he was at her apartment arresting her brother. He remembered that he felt sorry for her and wants her to succeed as a cop.

One of Officer Toney’s old friends from the neighborhood is robbing businesses by forcing them to buy plants for big money. As the series closes, he offers to walk him to the precinct to turn himself in, and he agrees. So went the first day as a rookie cop. What will happen next at the NYC 22?

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