NYT Gadget Guru David Pogue and Wife Arrested for Fighting

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David Pogue, the New York times technology columnist known as the Gadget Guru, and his wife were arrested Monday for getting physical with each other during a domestic dispute. On Tuesday, they both went to get restraining orders against each other.

By Thursday night, Pogue, who also is an Emmy-winning tech correspondent for the show Sunday Morning on CBS, was speaking at a conference benefiting victims of domestic violence. The irony is, the speaking engagement was planned before the argument, and Pogue did not find out that the rest of the world was reading the news of the altercation at the time of his speech. Upon finding the word was out, the Gadget Guru told reporters after his speech that Jennifer Pogue was to soon be his ex-wife.

The couple has been in the process of getting a divorce, and the incident occurred when Jennifer showed up during David’s visitation with the couple’s three children. It seems an argument, and Jennifer Pogue decided to record it on her cell phone. David claims she hit his arm when he tried to grab the phone from is wife.

However, Jennifer claims that David Pogue approached her while she was in bed reading and took the phone away from her. She told police he then beat her on the head with the phone. According to reports, Police reviewed the video and decided to arrest both for domestic violence. They are scheduled to appear in court June 22.

In keeping with his “techie” career, David Pogue seems to be using the incident to his advantage. His decision to use the altercation to talk about how his troubles have spread over the Internet and through personal electronic devices seems to either prove the man has a real obsession with technology, or he is just obsessed with his career. This could cause one to question just how much technology may have added to David’s marital problems. Undoubtedly, both of them need to get their act together.

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