O.J. is "sorry"- yeah, sorry that he was caught.

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"I just wanted my personal things. I was stupid. I'm sorry. I didn't know I was doing anything illegal. I thought I was confronting friends. I thought I was retrieving my things. I didn't mean to hurt anybody and I didn't mean to steal anything,"
O.J. Simpson today in court, making a plea for leniency before his sentencing.

Confronting Friends? That is a weird concept. Confrontations are okay as long as the two parties are not enemies?  I didn't mean to hurt anybody. No, but I did hurt somebody. I didn't mean to steal anything. Nope, but I sure did steal something.  I didn't mean to murder my ex wife and her lover either, but that's another story.

The thing about O.J. is that you can almost feel sorry for him. Why? Because he really really does not understand that he is not the center of the universe, the reason that the sun comes up every morning.  If he really did understand that thing, his actions would be totally evil and reprehensible in every way. But he does not understand. As a consequence, he is not truly evil in a certain sense. Certainly he is no racist, he would be happy to step on anyone of any color who gets in his way. The concept of morality just means nothing to him, it does not apply. We stare at him in shocked amazement and disgust, but he is what he is, a sociopath.

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