O Tannen-bong? Marijuana “Christmas Tree” Snagged in Germany

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A marijuana plant decorated like a Christmas tree was seized in Germany. Police discovered the 6-foot-tall(!) plant while seizing 5.3 ounces of pot from the owner of the unique Christmas decoration. While in the man’s home, officers noticed the plant which had been set in a Christmas tree stand and decorated with lights.

Marijuana Plant

Reportedly, the man, described by the AFP as “an old hippie,” was planning to add decorations to his cannabis Christmas tree, and place presents underneath. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to fulfill his plans to have a particularly merry Christmas. One would imagine that being charged with drug possession would dampen anyone’s spirits.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about making the holidays “green.” Apparently, this German man took the recommendation a little too literally. If you decide to decorate your pot plant for the holidays, be warned—it won’t be the Grinch who comes ‘round to take your Christmas “tree.” It will be your friendly, local police force.

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