Obama – A Little Like Grammar School Politics

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When I was in grammar school every year we had elections for class president. Every year we had a "candidate" promising us that if he wins he will make sure all water fountains had soda coming out of them instead of water. One candidate even specifically told us that orange soda will be flowing through the fountains. Silly? It sure was, but all the kids in the school believed it because we wanted to and we believed that same promise year after year made by different candidates.

I often think of Obama is like that little grammar school candidate. Making promises like getting us out of the war as soon as he takes office, cutting taxes, giving everyone healthcare, and everything else he claims he will do. I want to know how he is going to do all of this. I do think we have to get our troops home and fast but how exactly does Obama plan on doing this? Money for college students? Good idea but where is this money coming from? Healthcare? I'm a big supporter of national healthcare for every citizen but how does Obama propose to do that? The healthcare issue has been around for at least a decade and nothing was done even when Bill Clinton was in office and Clinton was for national healthcare.

One person at Gather told me to stop asking questions and to find out for myself how Obama plans to do all of this. I've looked and found nothing. But I won't stop asking. I'll ask Obama, my friends, and people at Gather to give me the reason I need to vote for him.

Those grammar school presidential candidates promised us everything that they thought we wanted but those promises never happened. From what I can see Obama is no better.

I ask again, how will he go about doing everything or are Obama's promises as false as the grammar school candidates?

I am a democrat and have been since I registered to vote in 1970. It would be nice to have faith in a democratic candidate but so far I have no faith in Obama.

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