Obama: ‘America supposed to be’ a homosexual culture

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In a slap to the face of all conservative Americans who hold traditions and faith near and dear, the president told Hollywood celebrities that when it comes to same-sex marriage, and his support of it this week publicly, it’s just “a logical extension to him of what America is supposed to be like.”

Really, can anyone remember that being anywhere in the constitution? No mention of same-sex marriage was ever mentioned by the founding fathers, for sure.

MSN reported that the George Clooney fundraising event to which the president made this pronouncement was so well received that he raised as much as $15 million from the event.

The president seemed to take immense pleasure in telling the crowd which included Barbra Streisand—who is rumored to have a gay son—that “Obviously yesterday we made some news” in regards to his championing of the gay agenda from his political platform as president.

George Clooney 1How happy the voting culture of the rest of the country will be with that decision is yet to be seen at the polls later this year, when it is expected that Obama’s decision to embrace gay marriage will turn away voters with religious affiliations who might have voted for him in 2008.

If Obama if voted out of office in November, he will have learned that despite the wealth the Hollywood jet set crowd might be willing to spend on promotion of the LGBT agenda, average Americans with morals still dictate the eventual rise and fall of presidents in the USA.

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