Obama Biography: A White Woman Love Interest Details Revealed

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The Obama biography “Barack Obama: The Story” promises to liven up the campaign trail with private journal entries revealed about the president from his former white live-in lover, Genevieve Cook.

obama postcardAccording to the Washington Post, who boasts the reporter responsible for writing the book–David Marainiss, the book actually talks about two of Obama’s former girlfriends: Alex McNear and Cook.

Obama referred to his loves prior to Michelle in his own book, “Dreams of My Father,” according to the Post, but his statement in the book that read “There was a woman in NY that I loved. She was white…Her voice sounded like a wind chime,” wasn’t really just about Cook or McNear, according to the president.

Instead, Obama exercised creative license in changing the story to suit what he wanted to say about that period, a time in which the Post says “Obama and Cook lived together briefly.”

And isn’t that just what he has done in the past four years in office? Creatively re-word events, like his taking credit for the death of Osama bin Laden rather than the SEALs who actually handled the mission?

Between the pages of a book of fiction that’s all well and good, of course, but any attempted writings meant to detail an accurate portrayal of one’s own life should stick to facts.

While the new Obama biography by David Marainiss promises to provide never before known love talk between the president and his white lover of old, its presence on the literary scene at this point in time can be nothing short of politically motivated.

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