Obama Calls in Mitt Romney for Help

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Mitt Romney is no stranger to the tactics of Pres. Obama, but on Thurs., Nov. 29, 2012 the former presidential contender went to the White House for lunch anyway.

According to White House spokesman Jay Carney, Obama wanted to ask Romney how he could make the government more efficient?

Isn’t that supposed to be something the president already knew?

During the presidential campaign all voters heard from the president’s campaign ads was how the former Mass. governor didn’t have the solutions to America’s problems; that he did.

Mitt RomneyLooks like that was just a lot of campaign baloney, as many Romney voters suspected. And now the proof is in the pudding as they say, since it is Obama courting Romney to find out how to make America’s government more efficient.

Gather News writer Renee Nal points out the inconsistency of the president in his words and actions where Mitt is concerned, saying the president appears to be contradicting his own self by associating with an outsourcing felon who didn’t pay his taxes for ten years and kills cancer patients.

She’s got a great point.

So what’s the president up to now? Why invite a presidential competitor to the White House — and at this time in his term in office? Could it be that Pres. Obama is really sweating the fact that the “fiscal cliff” can’t be averted in Congress without the help of Mitt Romney, who could sway Republicans if he wanted?

Or maybe Carney was being honest, when he said the president wanted Mitt to tell him how he could make the government more efficient, which the former governor promised to do if elected. If that’s the case, and Romney agrees, then America wins and financial disaster can be avoided if Obama implements those recommendations.

One thing’s for sure either way, and that is that Pres. Obama knows just which person to go to when he is lacking knowledge on a topic. Too bad the rest of the country didn’t realize that fact before Election Day 2012, right?

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