Obama cheating scandal – National Enquirer story sexist and devoid of facts

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The Internet is abuzz with rumors about President Obama’s relationship with professional fundraiser Vera Baker. The scandal erupted after the National Enquirer published a story alleging a secret affair between the two. But does the story have any substance or credibility?

The Enquirer’s case is built on a pretty weak framework:

  1. Vera Baker is attractive
  2. Baker and Obama attended several fundraising events together on the same night
  3. The two stayed in the same hotel after the fundraisers
  4. A limo driver who supposedly drove the duo around Washington, D.C. that night told the Enquirer he did not think Baker had a room in the hotel

First of all, attending fundraising events with the President is part of Baker’s job as a fundraiser. Secondly, the driver’s assumption that Baker did not have a room at the hotel is just that – an assumption. Nor does it really matter if Baker hadn’t reserved a room beforehand. Hotels rent out rooms on demand. Even if the two entered the hotel together, there is no evidence to suggest they stayed in the same room.

To suggest the relationship between Obama and Baker is anything but professional is just plain sexist. The Enquirer assumes that because Baker is an attractive woman she must be sleeping with the President. It shows no respect for women everywhere who have risen to the top through hard work and perseverance – not by sleeping around.

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