Obama CNBC Town Hall Meeting on the Economy Today

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President Obama will answer questions about the economy at a town hall meeting that is scheduled to air at 12:00 PM on CNBC today. Obama has been working overtime to defend his administration’s record on the economy, firing back at Republicans who want to blame Democrats for the bad economy. The President has been on the offensive over the past few weeks, accusing GOP lawmakers of blocking key aid to small businesses and tax cuts for the middle class.

CNBC Senior Editor John Harwood will be live blogging from event, which is set to take place at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The audience of 200 is supposed to be representative of everyday America and will include retirees, students, union workers, and small business owners, among others. Still, the event has all the ingredients of a carefully staged political event: an intimate audience made up of individuals presumably hand picked by the administration; exclusive coverage by a single media outlet. In other words, don’t expect the President to encounter any real opposition during this hour long event.

Still, it might be worth tuning in to hear what Obama has to say today. Voters clearly view the economy as a top priority going into this year’s mid-term elections. The President still has a lot to do of explaining to do if he hopes to win back public support for his administration’s economic agenda.





President Obama waves to supporters after a speech in Milwaukee, Wicsonsin. Official White House photo by Pete Souza.


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