Obama: Commander and Chief or Complainer and Blamer!

I heard two apalling things today about President Obama. He says that Rick Perry should be quiet about Obama’s record, and he blames the Tea Party for the United States getting downgraded by S&P.

As for Rick Perry, this is still America, and a presidential candidate has not only every right to bring up an opponent’s record, but an obligation. Last I checked, this is America not China. Although Obama’s plan would make us a country like China where freedom of speech is not allowed.

As for the S&P downgrading the U.S., this President is supposed to be in charge, yet he persists in blaming others for our woes. He really needs to grow up, and take charge. The U.S. has suffered a mighty blow, but we will recover. We still have AAA rating with most agencies, and rather than being the Commander and Chief, he is on the campaign trail blaming others and asking others to be quiet.

He is such a disappointment. We wanted change, but we got Obama. I truly believe he is a lot like Jimmy Carter. He is weak, and he is a really nice guy, but he is not presidential.

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