Obama economy blame game: What else is new?

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After four years and an impending election on the horizon, America has this to show for their trust in President Obama to right the nation economically: another round of the “Blame Game.”

Ho hum, the Obama economy blame game goes on and on and on. And now this week he’s blaming the GOP. But American’s want to remind him that it was a Democrat who said “It’s the economy stupid,” so why can’t he fix what he said he could four years ago?

Bill Clinton managed the economy pretty well, and he’s within earshot of the president. In fact, Hillary, who lived with Bill in the White House sees Obama every day, so why doesn’t he ask her for help?

The least the president up for re-election could do is actually try and fix the problems facing America himself, since he did get elected into office to do that. So why doesn’t he? Why hasn’t he?

Because he can’t; he never could. And he never will. But he isn’t going to tell voters that. In fact, he can’t even admit there is a problem.

Fox News reported the president said this during his recent economic speech on Friday, “The private sector is doing fine.”

Bring on Mitt Romney.

Even Obama knows this guy can manage money, he’s certainly did a great job with his own, in fact. And at least no one will have to remind him that “It’s the economy, stupid” or have to hear him blame everyone, for everything that can go wrong in the White House or the country.

mouthThat blame game stuff Obama plays gets really, really old after four years. And all this talk, talk, talk and statements, statements, statements about the Obama economy isn’t accomplishing diddly squat. So why do we need him four more years? The answer is we don’t.

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