Obama Fiscal Cliff: A Study in Arrogant Recalcitrance at All Costs

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The Obama fiscal cliff is proving to be yet another reason why the current president has been an utmost failure when it comes to working across the aisle to get things accomplished in the Nation’s Capital.

The recently offered House Republican plan to avert the year-end fiscal cliff calls for $800 billion in higher tax revenue over 10 years. And it would keep the Bush-era tax cuts in place for all income earners. Obama, likely without even reviewing the specifics of the plan or opening his ample ears to a conference with John Boehner and company, rejected it and again stubbornly insisted there can be no deal unless Republicans agree to end the tax cuts for families making more than $250,000 a year when they expire in January. Because, in his petty logic, he won reelection, and everyone must now again do what he says. Americans have already seen how well that attitude worked during your first four years in office, Barack.

The White House reaffirmed this rationale in so many words stating that the Republican counteroffer aimed at avoiding the fiscal cliff does not meet what the White House calls “the test of balance” and other such propaganda about how it will hurt the middle class (apparently trying to continue to inspire class warfare by pointing to America’s most amorphously defined element and all but coming out to say “I believe in redistribution of wealth” again).

House Republicans further proposed a new 10-year, $2.2 trillion blueprint to Barack Obama that called for increasing the eligibility age for Medicare and lowering cost-of-living hikes for Social Security benefits. The proposal from House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and other Republicans comes in response to Obama’s offer last week to escalate taxes by $1.6 trillion over the coming decade but largely exempt Medicare and Social Security entitlements from budget cuts.

Not only does Obama’s “plan” seem to revolve around little else than getting his pound of flesh from the wealthiest Americans and pretty much doing what he sees fit with everyone else’s money (besides, of course, the “entitled”), but he also has demanded virtually unlimited spending power – a power which the Constitution vests unequivocally with Congress, not the Executive. Boehner roundly summed up Obama’s sheer donkey-ness as such: “After the election I offered to speed this up by putting revenue on the table and unfortunately the White House responded with their la-la land offer that couldn’t pass the House, couldn’t pass the Senate and it was basically the president’s budget from last February.”

The White House delivered to Capitol Hill its opening proposal: $1.6 trillion in higher taxes over a decade almost wholly targeted at the nation’s most successful, a possible extension of the temporary Social Security payroll tax cut and, as an unconstitutional side note throw-in, heightened presidential power to raise the national debt limit.

In exchange, the president would back $600 billion in spending cuts, including $350 billion from Medicare and other health programs. But he also wants $200 billion in new spending for jobless benefits, public works projects and aid for struggling homeowners. His proposal for raising the ceiling on government borrowing would make it virtually impossible for Congress to block him going forward. Does anyone else fear that this man may actually be deliberately attempting to drive the United States into the mother loving ground? Does his recent history with debt limits inspire much confidence in even you muddleheaded, supine-palmed fools who reelected him to office?

Republicans said they responded in closed door meetings with laughter and disbelief, but Americans should find nothing funny about any of this. If both the White House and House Republicans do not begin to meet each other halfway, (i.e., if Barry does not begin to reread the Constitution and come off his pacifist tyrant’s throne, the fiscal cliff will become “Operation Dumbo Drop” – with dumb Obama taking the whole nation along with him). The Obama fiscal cliff is appearing to be a more clearly defined precipice everyday.

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