‘Obama for America’ Coordinator Unleashes Bigoted Attack on Romney/Mormons

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Samuel Cook, III is a Coordinator for the New Orleans Chapter of ‘Obama for America‘ (OFA), he is also a religious bigot. Like so many of the ‘tolerant’ left, Cook sees no problem in mocking and lying about Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. The only difference? Cook, who is a black man, claims he is a Republican. He certainly is…as of six days ago. How can a black man, who has likely been a victim of racism simply by living in America, be so intolerant of someone else?

PhotobucketCook isn’t the only member of the tolerant left to mock Romney’s religion lately. Several high-profile people, just on Twitter alone, have made unbelievable comments, particularly about ‘magic underwear’. It’s common knowledge that many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wear undergarments that are considered sacred in temple ceremonies. There’s nothing magical about them! The slams would be the equivalent of mocking a Jewish candidate for wearing a Yarmulke or slams about Catholics and ‘magic necklaces’. Outrageous, bigoted and certainly intolerant.

Singer/actress Cher slammed Romney’s wealth (any many other things) on Twitter and commented about him being rich, white (that’s bad?) and, like actor Michael McKean also tweeted, wearing magic underwear.

OFA’s Cook began his attack right after Romney posted this tweet about the death of Neil Armstrong, “Neil Armstrong today takes his place in the hall of heroes. The moon will miss its first son of earth.” Cook has since deleted his response to Romney, however, the website ‘Twitchy‘ has a screenshot of his tweet (all of them, in fact) that slams all Mormons and is terribly disrespectful to American hero Armstrong. He responded by bringing up ‘Kolob’. Kolob refers to what the LDS Church believes is the name of the star closest to the “residence of God.” It is the topic of many anti-Mormon conspiracies, enough so that Cook erased it, likely knowing his use of it could be problematic. Today, posters on Twitter have a new angle to attack Romney and Mormons, the ‘first son of earth’ part of his post about Armstrong-tweets saying it must be a ‘Mormon thing’.

In addition, Cook attempted to perpetuate decades old Church doctrine by saying that Romney was the bishop in a church that believed blacks were ‘cursed’. The often misrepresented doctrine ended in 1978. Until then, black men were not allowed to hold the priesthood or take part in sacred temple ceremonies. A book of LDS scripture, The Pearl of Great Price, says, “blackness came upon” Cain’s descendants, who were “despised among all people.” One of Cain’s heirs was Noah’s son, Ham, who was “cursed … as pertaining to the priesthood,” according to the scripture. Romney says that the day the ban was lifted, he actually pulled to the side of the road and cried. Church spokesman Michael Purdy says the day of the ban was “a day of great rejoicing”. It is curious that the left has an issue with 30+-year-old discarded Church doctrine, yet they had no issue with President Obama attending a church presided over by anti-white, anti-American black liberation theologist Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Photobucket Cook went on to tweet about ‘magic underwear’, of course, and about a conspiracy theory that’s being thrown around a lot lately, one they call ‘The White Horse Prophecy’. Citizen Journalist wrote about Cook’s tweet, “He then goes full Illuminati and veers into a conspiracy of Mormons to “infiltrate the government”. And he thinks ‘birthers’ are nutty? The story behind this fake fable came from two Mormons who claimed that back in 1843, the founder of the Church, Joseph Smith, told them a day would come when the United States Constitution would be ‘hanging by a thread’ and would be “preserved and saved” by a White Horse (taken by the Book of Revelation), A.K.A. the Mormon Church. The ridiculous ‘prophecy’ has been disavowed over and over…kind of like the ‘birther’ conspiracy. It’s not part of the Church doctrine. Bottom line: There is no evidence whatsoever that Joseph Smith said any such thing.

Photobucket It’s not just Mormonism that is being attacked, Christianity, as a whole, is being lambasted by the left. Anti-Mormonism/Christianity billboards had gone up in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention. Billboard owners in Tampa denied service to the same group when they wanted to post them for the RNC. One reads, ‘Mormonism: Magic Underwear, Baptizes Dead People, Big Money, Big Bigotry.’ The billboards have since been removed. Reuters published an attack report on the wealth of the Church and television programs have featured stories on the ‘secretive’ Saints. No one is asking people to convert, just to show some of the tolerance they expound. Romney detractors don’t seem to care about the facts, they just hit in any way they see as possibly effective. In Cook’s case, he has justified his hate-speech as ‘fair’ because Mitt Romney made the ‘birther’ joke at a hometown event and that Romney said the campaign needed ‘more humor’. Now even Romney has been deemed a ‘birther’ for making the joke! The double standard coming from the Democrats is getting tiresome. Is the Obama for America organization comfortable with one of their Coordinators posting bigoted tweets and lies? How about the Republicans for Obama who he links to? Maybe, but Cook isn’t concerned in the least.

A few people asked Cook if his opinion was the same as OFA’s. He responded that it wasn’t OFA’s, but it was his opinion. Another person tweeted that they thought Cook could lose his job over this. He said it wouldn’t happen because he worked for himself. It’s probably safe to assume the person meant his position with OFA (usually volunteer), not his actual ‘job’ (he seems to have several). He also said he stood by his comments. Twitchy asked, “So, Cook stands by his statements (and by whatever it is he considers a sense of humor). Will Obama for America stand by Cook?” Good question.

UPDATE: Mr. Cook has apologized, kind of.

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