Obama Gets a Financial Advantage in August

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On Friday, September 21, campaign financial disclosure forms revealed that President Obama’s re-election campaign had raised more money in August than had the Romney campaign, despite the RNC’s continued financial advantage. This news is not only a morale boost for the President’s campaign because it has recently been struggling to raise money as quick as the Romney campaign, but also because the campaign has often trailed in SuperPAC support.

The figures released not only help the President make up for a few months of below average fundraising, but will lead to pundits and analysts speculating on the implications for the Romney campaign going forward. Since Mother Jones released the now-infamous video of Mitt Romney conjuring the fear of government dependency and welfare slavery to explain why he faced a massively uphill battle, there has been a growing, and somewhat bi-partisan, criticism of a poorly run Romney campaign.

While there are many reasons why the Romney campaign has suddenly struggled to keep up with President Obama’s, many assumed that just like in the GOP primary, the ability to raise money would be a fairly strong advantage for Romney. The reality is that despite the financial discrepancy in the race for the White House, the RNC has overwhelmingly raised more than the DNC. The difference in party money seems to demonstrate that there is still a much stronger desire to give to the Republican party, which means the problem could be specifically Romney.

It is fairly common knowledge that this campaign season has been marked by a clear lack of enthusiasm for the GOP candidate. Many conservative voters were sure to exhaust all other alternatives before accepting the former Massachusetts moderate that some didn’t quite trust. If the Romney campaign produces similar results in September it could be a sign of ever-decreasing Romney enthusiasm.

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