Obama Health Care Summit – Watch CSPAN Live (link) – Things to Watch For

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Health Care Summit – Watch It Live! The Presidents health care summit is being broadcast on CSPAN live right now and it’s pretty interesting. Republicans are grandstanding and Democrats are trying to keep it focused. It was interesting to see how the President dressed down Boehner. If you don’t believe me.. watch it yourself!!


Here are some things to watch for:


Bipartisan Posturing – Grand Standing 

Will Obama Have Anything Up His Sleeve? Who knows?


Stagecraft  – Boehner has already done that with stacks of paper.




To See It Streaming CSPAN Live! Click here

 no commercials or other junk


Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois tells Republicans:

If you think it’s a socialist plot and it’s wrong, for goodness sake, drop out of the federal employees health benefit program.”







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