Obama Heckled at Barbara Boxer Rally by Gay Rights Protesters (Video)

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President Obama expects to be heckled from the Right but it’s coming from the left as well these days.  Today at a rally for Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, President Obama was repeatedly interrupted by hecklers demanding to repeal the Don’t ask don’t tell military policy passed under then, President Bill Clinton.  I think President Obama is finding that delivering his promises is a series of compromises and with those compromises come unhappy constituents.  President Obama is campaigning for Barbara Boxer in her fight to maintain her senate seat.

Gay Rights activists want the law Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed.  Gay rights activists trusted President Obama to repeal the law, and Obama more or less promised he would, but he hasn’t been able to as he has concentrated his efforts elsewhere like healthcare.  So now, Obama gets heckled from the left and the right.

On this video, Obama loses his temper with rude hecklers.  Heckling the president is wrong. 

Signs work, and letters.  President Obama is now not popular with the far left or the far right, and the folks in the middle just give up. 

Barbara Boxer is not the only one politically in trouble.  President Obama has shown himself vulnerable to criticism again as once again he loses his temper.

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