Obama Is Uniting the Republicans

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Last night on the news, the media talked about how Obama’s snowstorm of activity and changing things is helping to unite the Republican Party.  I tend to agree because some of what he is doing is going to come back to haunt him and our country.  He acting way too rash in things that are going to impact our country for a long time to come and not in a good way.  He’s promising things that just aren’t realistic.

The other thing I find incredibly funny is that the Democrats expect me to contact my representative and tell them to back Obama’s plan when I think it’s all wrong for our country.  They are nuts!  They are simply being very shortsighted, which is not unusual for the Democratic Party.  They are not looking at the long term impact of what they are doing to this nation and I, for one, am praying for rescue from their plan.

Anyway, I came across this article this morning and thought you might be interested.

Here is the link.

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