Obama Justice to Sue Joe Arpaio on Trumped-Up Allegations

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The Barack Obama administration is back to its Chicago dirty tricks. Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be sued by the United States Justice Department for his treatment of illegal immigrants, but he will survive the obvious witch hunt.

“America’s toughest sheriff” became a target of the White House when he investigated rumors about the President’s birth certificate. The Justice Department, meanwhile, constructed a civil rights case against the Arizona lawman, claiming his department unfairly targets Latinos for immigration violations.

Most Americans would be elated to learn at least one law enforcement official takes the illegal alien dilemma seriously. Most federal politicians, Democrat and Republican, have proven they have no interest in securing the border.

Arpaio realizes the vast majority of illegal aliens are Mexican nationals who enter the country through border states like Arizona. Likewise, most terrorist acts are committed by young Islamic men, so screening bikini models and toddlers at airports is a huge waste of resources.

According to the Justice Department, Hispanic motorists are four to nine times more likely to be stopped than non-Latinos in Maricopa County.

Nevertheless, Eric Holder’s Justice Department may go down as the worst ever. Holder neglected to prosecute Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia in 2008, and was the architect of “Fast and Furious,” a harebrained plan to arm Mexican drug cartels and track the guns.

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