Obama Long Birth Certificate Released and Trump Taking Full Credit

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On Wednesday, April 27, 2011, the White House released the Obama long birth certificate. Donald Trump is claiming full credit for this birth certificate being released. So, was Trump responsible them releasing President Barack Obama’s birth certificate?

Trump is taking his normal arrogant air and has been reported saying that he feels honored and proud to have played such a big role in bringing this issue to light and hopefully putting it to bed. Honestly, it is nice to see it over. The American people deserve more than a birth certificate debate. There are far larger issues, including unemployment, millions with health care, homelessness and poverty, but Trump was more concerned about a piece of paper. Well, the major issues really do not affect Trump anyway because he is a rich man so he can chase a birth certificate and not really worry about where his next meal is coming from like many Americans.

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Trump, while claiming he has settled the issue and put it to rest, still continues to stir the pot about the Obama long birth certificate release, with comments, such as “it is rather amazing that all the sudden it materializes, but I hope it’s the real deal” reports CBS News.

Unfortunately, the American people will probably continue to hear about Obama’s birth certificate for years to come. He could erase world hunger, eliminate poverty and get every American a well-paying job and Trump and those who follow him would still be hung up on something as trivial as that birth certificate.

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