Obama on Rush Limbaugh: He’s a Liar!

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President Barack Obama is being flamed by the conservative blogosphere, as literate as it can be anyway, all because of some things he said that included Rush Limbaugh and other right-wing messiahs. The Commander-in-Chief spoke for an interview with Rolling Stone and during the interview he was asked about breaking through the Republican divisiveness in the country. His response was quite on-the-mark, but naturally conservatives are on a rampage against his words. To put it simply, the president called Rushy-boy a liar.

President Barack Obama said the following:

“Frankly, I know that there are good, decent Republicans on Capitol Hill who, in a different environment, would welcome the capacity to work with me. But right now, in an atmosphere in which folks like Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist are defining what it means to be a true conservative, they are lying low. My hope is that after this next election, they’ll feel a little more liberated to go out and say, ‘Let’s redirect the Republican Party back to those traditions in which a Dwight Eisenhower can build an interstate highway system.'”

So what’s so bad about that? People like El Rushbo and Norquist are the very reason why there is such division among American voters. With the hateful, anti-women attacks coming from Rush, anyone on the conservative side should be completely ashamed that the guy has been touted as the “leader of the GOP.” He’s a total embarrassment!

So of course the right-wing pundits are going to ‘boo hoo’ this into some political device meant to further separate Americans on the important issues such as job creation, the economy and whether or not that pesky ol’ terrorism will ever be beat.

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