Obama Re-Election Scare Causes Gun Craze in Texas

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Fear of President Barack Obama being re-elected is being credited for a giant mass of gun sales in Texas. Texans fear that in the President’s second term he will do away with or infringe upon the Second Amendment, which gives United States citizens the right to bear arms and own guns. It looks like people are buying now so that they have their guns already, just in case the President adds stricter rules and regulations.

According to Fox 4 News, the rush to buy guns has gone up nationally, but Texas is second in buying guns only to Kentucky. In 2011, the FBI received 16.3 million criminal background checks for people wanting to buy a gun, and a whopping 1 million of those came from Texas. In 2008, there were 12.7 million checks nationally.

What does this mean? With gun sales booming there will be a lot more guns in homes near you.This means more homeowners will have protection in the form of firearms, but it also means that the bad guys could be stocking up on supplies too. What a vicious cycle.

Author Alan Korwin, who wrote nine books on guns, says citizens fear if Obama is re-elected he will push for major gun control. Fox 4 quotes the author as stating, “I’m constantly getting questions from people in the community about this… People are concerned that if Obama wins, as a lame duck, he will go after firearms in a way we have never seen before.”

On March 3, 2012, CBS News quoted the President as saying “The Second Amendment in this country is part of our Constitution and the president of the United States is bound by our Constitution. So I believe in the Second Amendment. It does provide for Americans the right to bear arms for their protection, for their safety, for hunting, for a wide range of uses. That does not mean that we cannot constrain gun runners from shipping guns into Mexico.”

If gun supporters fear the President’s re-election, voting for someone else seems in order. It sounds like the President is saying he wants rules in place to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Gun sales are booming around the country in speculation, but only time will tell what will happen. Everyone should take a deep breath, calm down, and consider how hard it would be for the President to pass new gun regulations. Washington should first agree on health care, the national debt and gas prices before adding guns to their list of topics.

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