Obama Riots: Just a Song or a Serious Threat?

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You may have read stories warning you to be prepared in the event of President Obama losing the election Tuesday. Several headlines are warning of riot threats, especially from Twitter. Gun shops are reporting increased sales as the election looms. Are these threats credible? Maybe, this has certainly been the most divided the nation has been in a long, long time. With the addition of the internet, more people are informed about politics than ever before. The Tea Party would have never gained the huge amount of followers and momentum they had if not for the internet. The problem with determining if the riot threats are serious is that the websites reporting the information are leaving out one very important factor.

PhotobucketThese sites, most recently the conservative Twitter curation site, Twitchy, owned by Michelle Malkin, post copies of tweets making the threats. A few examples:

  • If Romney wins , Ima start a f*ccn Riot
  • I Swear If Romney Win Imma Start A Mothaf**kin Riot—
  • If Mitt Romney wins, nighas gon riot like when Dr. King died. It’s gon be a sight to see.
  • If Obama Dont Win , Imma Start A Bigg Ass Riot
  • yo if romney wins and i have no food stamps, ima start a riot

So, what is that elusive fact that even ultra-liberal website Think Progress has left out? The song, ‘Riot‘ by 2 Chainz. Lyrics? “I’m a start a riot, I’m a start a riot”, but even 2 Chainz himself sells a t-shirt on his website that says, “Imma Start a Riot”. The majority of the ‘riot’ threats specifically say, “Imma start a riot” somewhere in the text. Obviously, this doesn’t diminish the fact that it could happen, but it certainly sheds a little light on most of the ‘threats’.

Can these sites claim they didn’t know? No way, anyone can see the pattern in the tweets. Both sides are being irresponsible by leaving out such an important factor. There are plenty of things to worry about depending on who wins the election, hopefully it won’t be rioting from these young people supporting President Obama and tweeting song lyrics.

Riot‘ lyrics: HERE (VERY graphic and violent)

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