Obama Sings “Sexy and I Know It” on Video That Goes Viral

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President Obama sings “Sexy and I Know It,” a song made famous by LMFAO, on a video that’s gone viral online. While it’s the President’s voice and his own words, it’s spliced together to make it look like the President considers himself sexy. Since it’s dubbed in, he had no choice in the words he was saying.

This funny video has the President more talking the words than singing, but the words that he is talking, “Sexy and I Know It,” come out loud and clear. The spliced together video offers a few minutes of good “belly laugh” as it portrays the leader of the free world as a self-proclaimed sex symbol.

Check out the “Sexy and I Know It” version by President Obama here on Hollywood Gossip.

The video starts out with the President standing at a podium and he yells out in a deep and strong voice: “My name is Barack Obama.” The video even has a clip of the President dancing with a very sexy young woman to the music.

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