Obama Slow Jam no More Embarrassing than Sarah Palin Stand-up Routine

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When President Barack Obama showed up on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, the two of them entertained audience members and home viewers with a “slow jam,” but the far-right and their talking heads are attacking the hell out of it. His appearance has been called tacky and embarrassing, but it seems like people have a case of political amnesia on the far-right. Apparently they don’t remember their one-time vice presidential wannabe trying to pull off a stand-up routine on late night television.

That’s right, folks. President Obama embarrassed America by repeating a presidential speech to the tone of a slow jam on Jimmy Fallon, but Sarah Palin doing a faux stand-up routine on Jay Leno has either been totally forgotten or not embarrassing to those types at all. Even Ann Coulter felt the need to toss a few words in when she said Obama’s appearance was “pathetic.” It’s a shame that empty-heads like Coulter’s have seemed to have forgotten about Palin’s silly attempt at reaching out to late night television viewers. Watch the video below if you don’t remember:

So do you think this is a case of political amnesia? Or do you think the far right rabids are jumping all over this because they have nothing else to go after? The republican and Tea Party vitriol against the current administration is going nowhere (Remember those silly birthers?), and it seems that all they have left are desperate attacks on his appearances on television. Nevermind their sweetheart embarrassed herself on Jay Leno as well as a short-running reality show with her family stuffed in front of the cameras like a hicked-down version of the Kardashians.

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