Obama Smarter than Romney, Represents America

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President Barack Obama is still ahead of Mitt Romney in recent polls, showing at least a four-point gap since the DNC. That’s not the only update regarding the public’s obvious favoring of the current POTUS. It seems that he and Mittens were polled on a number of ideals. Of course, the current Commander-in-Chief came out on top.

Polled on who was more eloquent and who was “smart enough for the job,” Obama scored higher than Romney both times. He also led on the question “represents America.” Even Gallup polls are showing the POTUS as having at least a five point lead. So what could this mean for Mitt Romney?

Polls aren’t always indicative of what will happen in the future, but these numbers still feel good if you’re a supporter of the current president and are looking forward to four more years! It would be interesting to compare the approval numbers of Romney and Ryan to the approval numbers of McCain and Palin from 2008, to the date, to see if there are any similarities. It’s been reported earlier that Paul Ryan is less popular than Sarah Palin was with the lowest approval ratings of several administrations. Hopefully that means they won’t be winning those votes come November.

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