Obama Takes on Bob Woodward, Marco Rubio, and Sequester

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President Obama attended the annual Gridiron Club dinner where he took on journalist Bob Woodward, senator Marco Rubio, and even took a jab at himself.

Of course, it was all done in humor.

Ever the jokester, the President made light of all the controversy in Washington, including the cuts made by the sequester. In reference to the deep discretionary spending cuts, he said, “There is one thing in Washington that didn’t get cut: the length of this dinner.”

Bob Woodward, famous for reporting on the Watergate scandal, leading to the resignation of President Nixon, recently had a public tiff with White House economic adviser Gene Sperling. The President made light of the situation asking, “Can anybody tell me when an administration has ever regretted picking a fight with Bob Woodward? What’s the worst that could happen?”

He also went after Rubio for his frantic gulp of water during his recent response to the State of the Union address. The President paused, sipped from a glass of water and then said, “That, Marco Rubio, is how you take a sip of water.” The Republicans do seem to need that kind of remedial learning. If only the President could send them all back to fourth grade math so they would actually understand how spending money on two wars while cutting taxes to record lows and a “no consequences” policy toward Wallstreet landed the Federal government in poverty. The GOP thinks it’s the poor on welfare and food stamps that did it. If every person in the United States got a welfare check, it wouldn’t be a fraction of the Bush/Cheney tab.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was the Republican speaker at the event. He made jokes about whether he was running for President in 2016 or not.

Wonder who picks up the tab for this dinner and why isn’t it considered “discretionary?”

A night of lighthearted fun with the press, the President and other politicians might be okay if it didn’t revert to name calling, back stabbing, and bone-headedness immediately afterward.

President Obama is a likable guy. Why can’t they all just get along after the party’s over?

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