Obama to Block Oil Production on 1.6 Million Acres of Federal Land?

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A final plan to block oil production on 1.6 million acres of federal land has been submitted by Ken Salazar’s Department of the Interior. The land was originally “slated for oil shale production.”

Zack Colman of The Hill reports that the report cited “environmental concerns” and was praised by Bobby McEnaney of the Natural Resources Defense Council, who said:

By significantly reducing the acreage of wilderness potentially available for leasing, Secretary Salazar is laying out a creative, thoughtful, and more responsible approach in managing some of our most precious resources.

How will this development fare for energy prices? Will the mainstream media report on this story? Probably not, if past performance is any predictor of future performance.

Presidential Debate

This proposal calls to mind a tense moment during the presidential debates, when President Obama disputed Romney’s claim that oil production was down 14% on federal lands under the Obama Administration. Romney also said, “In the last four years, you cut permits and licenses on federal land and federal waters in half.” Although President Obama said, “Not true,” FactCheck.org said that the “facts, for the most part, are on Romney’s side.”

In addition, Thomas Pyle, president of the American Energy Alliance, confirmed that “Leasing and permitting on federal lands have plummeted under Obama’s watch…”


Watch the heated discussion here, via the Daily Caller. Mitt Romney seemed to take a “presidential” approach to these issues. Perhaps he, and many others, gave American citizens too much credit in researching the facts. It will be to America’s detriment, the author fears.

Oil Moratorium

A few weeks ago, a frightening story went unreported by the mainstream media regarding an oversight committee investigation into the Oil Moratorium imposed by the Obama Administration. On October 17th, the following Press Release by the Natural Resources Committee reads, in part:

House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings today sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew requesting documents and interviews regarding White House officials’ role in the late-night editing of the Interior Department’s Drilling Moratorium Report to make it appear as though the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico was supported by a panel of engineering experts when it was not.

Late-night editing“?

It seems as though the Obama Administration has not skipped a beat in the war on energy. Hopefully this time around, the mainstream media will wake up and actually report on these important news stories.

Image Source: The Daily Caller

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