Obama Voter Cheats System

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Just because Melowese Richardson worked as a presidential voting poll worker in Cincinnati, Ohio doesn’t mean she knew the rules about it being illegal to vote more than once in a presidential election for her candidate. At least that’s what one must conclude about the Obama voter.

Therefore, Richardson now stands accused of voting for her candidate much more than once or twice in 2012. And, in fact, she admits to casting votes for him on behalf of herself twice–and on behalf of those living in her home four times. You heard right. Richardson voted a total of six times to elect President Obama into the White House for four more years.

The Ohio poll worker is now the target of an investigation for violating the law about only being allowed to cast one vote in a presidential election. And she appears unwilling to discuss the matter, hanging up on one caller from a news agency that tried, according to Fox News.

The Obama voter says that the reason she voted twice herself for the president was because “I wanted my vote to count.” And no one else wants their vote to count? Richardson also said that if her voting more than she should could jeopardize Pres. Obama being allowed to stay in office, and an investigation would prove what she did could jeopardize that, then she would “fight it.”

The Ohio poll worker must believe in “the end justifies the means” logic? She certainly seems willing to break the law if it will help her candidate get into office. But isn’t she supposed to be the one helping enforce that law as a poll worker?

And the obsessive voter makes no bones about believing that once her candidate is in office–and she has been told that what she did was wrong and illegal–that she will still do whatever she can to keep him there anyway. How’s that for flagrant voter fraud?

Melowese Richardson isn’t the only person being accused of voter fraud in her district; she’s just one of 19! And if that many people in every voting district in the country was casting multiple votes then it could mean the president was elected illegally. What a scandal that would be! What’s the most concerning about this isn’t that Richardson committed the voter fraud allegedly; it’s that she doesn’t consider voting more than once–or on behalf of people she knew, as “voter fraud.” And even worse, once she learned that it was, she basically says she doesn’t care if it will keep the president in office!

How many people would have loved to have been able to go into a polling area in their area and voted on behalf of a sick relative or a working friend on election day? How many people feel so strongly about their candidate getting into office that they would have loved the chance to vote for them twice that day? Is it right that this poll worker, who is supposed to know that law and enforce it in others, went and committed voter fraud last November by voting more than once?

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