Obama vs Romney Halloween Masks Sales: An Indication of the Polls?

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Obama Halloween masks are selling at a steady pace already, enough for some costume shops to stock up on the president’s rubber face in preparation for the October 31 rush. Romney masks are also selling, but not at the rate that the sitting President’s face is selling.

It appears that the Halloween-costume poll is shaping up as the President is
out front, according to a Dedham-based chain of party-goods stores. The iParty Corp. operates 52 year-round stores in New England and Florida. It’s an election year, so masks of the democratic and republican candidates will be a hot commodity for Halloween 2012, according to Boston.com.

Costumes depicting characters from popular movies typically reign at Halloween, as “Spiderman,” “Superman” and even the “Twilight” crew have gotten their fair share of attention in the costume stores in past years. Come November the country elects a new president, so Halloween is the perfect time to show your loyalty to one candidate or the other.

What better way is there to support your candidate than to dress up like the man you would like see in office for 2013 and go door to door collecting treats? These political masks are not enticing the kids, who will stick to their traditional vampires, monsters, cowboys and ballerinas, but for the adult dressing up like Obama or Romney could make you the life of the party!

According to iParty Corp., they’ve sold has sold 547 Obama masks and 353 Romney masks and it’s not even October yet. Massachusetts has traditionally been a solid blue state and the Democratic ticket usually has an easy time in the Bay State, so this could account for the run on Obama over Romney masks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the rubber face that you pick will also be the man you vote for in November.

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