Obama will likely win in November, but it may not matter…

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President Obama will almost certainly win a second term in November. Why? Because the TEA-Twit Republicans are unable to field a real candidate. Their candidate is one of the clown-car riders who provided comedy relief throughout spring and early summer as they campaigned for primary election victory. His greatest supporters here on Gather are primarily people who swore they’d eat rat poison before they would vote for “Obama Lite,” aka Mittens Romney. Neither he nor they have the courage of their convictions.

Should he win, Democrats will use the threat of filibuster to keep him from repealing Obama Care, but he will be able to close down executive orders. His plan to cut his own taxes by increasing yours and mine will die aborning, and his plans to gut Environmental and Health and Safety work regulations will have to be carefully implemented by Department heads. The greatest risk is the possibility of appointment of another idiot like Alito to the Supreme Court.

If Obama wins, he’s going to wind up in exactly the position he’s been in for the past two-and-a-half years. The projections say that the real problem comes in Senate and House races. From week to week, the Senate is projected to range from a two-vote TEA-Twit Majority to a six-vote Democrat majority. But without 60 Democrat Senators, today’s supermajority, no business will get done in the Senate. As of the day two years ago that Mitch McConnell declared that the only business of the Republican Party was the defeat of President Obama in this upcoming election (a declaration NEVER before heard from the leader of the opposition in the Senate), nothing has been allowed to pass, but has been stalled by the threat of filibuster, a special procedure of the Senate never before used in such a fashion. So long as the Senate allows the lives and livelihood of millions of workers and their families to be destroyed by this perversion of a practice intended only for very special cases, they all deserve censure and blame.

In the House, the TEA-Twit/Republican Party is predicted to lose some seats but retain a majority. That means we can look forward to at least two more years of grandstanding, self-righteousness and sanctimony taking the place of trying to work out a way to help Americans out of the mess they created.

Why will this happen? Will workers suddenly face about and decide to punish themselves for not being rich, and vote the straight TEA-Twit/Republican ticket. Will they suddenly decide that the party of job out-sourcers is their friend. No. At least I don’t think so. Polls indicate that they’ll stay home. In a plebiscite it’s the angry people who vote, and today it’s the TEA-Twits who are angry. We refuse to agree that it’s reasonable for us to pay up to $2,000 in additional taxes so Romney and his friends can have a tax reduction, and that makes them angry.

Do you want Obama to win and to have a Congress that supports him? Get out there and vote, and get your friends to do the same. Because right now the polls are saying that the TEA-Twit/Republicans are gonna do exactly that, and we aren’t.

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