Obama Will Replace Hope and Change Slogan

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A new re-election phrase will replace the 2008 Obama ‘Hope and Change’ slogan, but most likely you won’t be hearing it until his Republican rival is named. A few possibilities being tossed around are “Greater Together,” and ” We Don’t Quit.”

Obama’s campaign is sticking with “Obama 2012″ for now, but the importance of a catchy slogan is not lost on his advisors. The search for a clear message is vital to the success of a campaign.

Obama 2012 Bumper Sticker, Encinitas CA

David Axelrod suggests that, while the message of the Republican party is one of a “dark, grinding kind of view of this country,” his party has a lot of strengths.

“…We’ve got a lot of challenges, but we’ve also got a lot of strengths, and we’re going to work our way through this moment. But that will require change, and those changes are changes that we have to continue.”

Hmmmm. There might be a slogan there, something about strength and challenge. The change thing has worn itself out, though, David.

One other slogan being considered, reports Yahoo News, is “Winning the Future,” but anything to do with winning only conjures up images of Charlie Sheen. Don’t these people read the rags?

Three that are out of the possibility category are slogans already taken up by Romney (Believe in America), Gingrich (Rebuilding the American Dream), and Paul (Restore America Now). From past campaigns, Al Gore’s “People Not the Powerful” and “I Will Fight for You” might explain why he lost, and John McCain’s “Country First” was as uninspiring as he was. Regan’s “Morning Again in America,” well…let’s just leave that one alone.

Obama will have some trouble, finding the perfect slogan while staying away from unpopular issues and failed policies, but it will be interesting to find out what his advisors come up with. Whatever it is, hope and change won’t be around anymore.

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