Obama Wins Says Conservative Townhall.com: 2012 Election Prediction Shocker

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Ultra-conservative internet magazine Townhall.com says Obama wins the 2012 Presidential election. Just four days before the actual vote count, Townhall.com, an internet and print magazine owned by Salem Communications, which specializes in evangelical Christian and conservative radio stations, magazines, books and internet content, called the popular vote for Romney 48–47 percent… but it called the Electoral College for Obama 281–245! Nine other polls suggest Obama’s Electoral College votes will range as high as 332.

Despite the good news for Obama’s prospects, and for his supporters, all is not as the Democrats believe it should be. Oh, they’ll pick up one seat in the Senate, and that’s a good thing. However, it almost certainly won’t stop the stonewalling of legislation by the TEA Party Republicans in the Senate. If it doesn’t, their continuation of legislative obstruction will guarantee their battle against Obama will continue to create an ever-growing cadre of American collateral damage victims… families sideswiped and ruined by their unnecessary economic blight reinforcement and job creation obstruction.


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Although Real Clear Politics shows the Democrats winning one additional seat (thanks be to TEA Party Republicans who say insanely stupid things on talk shows), they cannot stop filibuster abuse in legislative obstruction. However, should the Senate fail to obstruct, the House will maintain its TEA Party/Republican hybridized majority. America can expect them to use the opportunity to waste time and political goodwill by voting another thirty-plus times to overturn Obamacare. Should that become embarrassing even for them, perhaps they can spend their time trying to pass legislation to gut environmental regulations or Wall Street controls. Or perhaps their anti-science Chairman of the Science and Technology Committee can attempt to forbid discussion of Global Warming in the halls of Congress. But they have another job to do first. Having already created one downgrade in the debt rating of the USA, their first action against the American people will almost certainly be to do it again. They insist they will refuse to allow an increase in the debt ceiling, without significant cuts in the budget. They have already announced they will reject an essential mix of revenue and cost reduction, thereby triggering the “Nuclear Option” cost reduction measures, and most likely another round of downgrades by Moody, Standard and Poor, et al.

Townhall.com says Obama wins the Electoral College, and thus remains president for another four years. Perhaps it would be better if it weren’t so? After all, Romney has guaranteed that as president he would work with the Senate Democrats to do many things Obama has been unable or unwilling to do. Would he be able to fulfill that guarantee? Not according to Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader. He called Mr. Romney’s guarantee “laughable,” pointing out that almost everything Mr. Romney was promising to “work with Democrats” to get passed had already been brought up by Senate Republicans and rejected… including overturning Obamacare, which no Democrat majority would ever contemplate accepting.

So, with even highly conservative news sources projecting a win for Obama, it looks like America will spend another four years of TEA Party Republicans refusing to allow any improvement in the American economy, and thereby destroying the hopes and dreams of American families by the hundreds week after week for the next four years. If they really put their minds to it, they might be able to restart the recession Obama was well on his way to having cured.

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