Obama’s Election Year Voter Demographics: Why It Will Change in 2012

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The president’s election year voter demographics for 2008 were one thing; his voter demographics for 2012 will be quite another.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s population statistics for 2010 show that when it comes to the black person, they only make up 12.6 percent of the country’s population base. And yet a black person was elected president anyway in 2008, despite being of the minority race.

That’s because Pres. Obama enjoyed many white votes in 2008, of course, crossing over party lines too, in some instances. Many non-black voters bought into the “promise of change” that was his campaign mantra and that ushered him into the White House.

And why not? America loves to give an underdog a fighting chance. They love to say they are the Land of the Brave, too. But they also like heroes that keep their word and carry out what they say they will, too.

That campaign for change promised by the President was supposed to be change for the better—and that hasn’t happened, obviously.

The economy is still sluggish, wars still rage, Congress is still divided, and even the U.S. Supreme Court is having to weigh in on a controversial law (Obama Health Care Law), which was passed without the full support of the people he sought to rule.

Since when do people who voted for prosperity, better employment opportunities and more free stuff—like the Health Care Law—put a man back into office who reneged on those promises?

And even more importantly, since when do they do it considering he keeps running up the country’s financial debt—and he has a fuzzy math solution for paying for it, known as the “Buffet Rule”?

“We stabilize our debt and deficits for the next decade,” if we will carry out the Buffett Rule the President said, according to FOX News.

But FOX says that this is an impossibility when the Buffet Rule—which is going to tax millionaires a minimum of 30 percent off their fortune annually—would only bring in $47 billion dollars in the next ten years. Yet Obama’s budget goals would total $6.4 TRILLION dollars in the same amount of time.

Why will Obama’s election year voter demographics change, then, in 2012 compared to 2008? Because all the non-black voters who believed the clever spin from the Commander-in-Chief in 2008 have now come to realize he isn’t so clever after all.

And the President has proven he definitely can’t deliver on anything he’s promised.

And this time Americans will not be listening to the promises of a potential White House candidate in 2012; they will be reviewing the record of the one that said he could do it, but he really couldn’t. What he could do however, was vacation a lot. And that he can do on his own dime, right?

President Obama playing basket ball with WHouse staffers on holiday

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