Obama’s New ‘Organizing for Action’ Paying People to Rally in Favor of Gun Control

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Obama’s Organizing for Action is a month-old, pro-Obama advocacy group that is unbelievably teaming with SEIU to provide breakfast, lunch and a free bus ride to Albany, New York to counter a rally supporting Second Amendment rights. Is this even legal? Since when do United States Presidents arrange protests?

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The rally is listed on my.barackobama.com and purports to be supportive of the over-reaching NY Safe Act, which allows confiscation of weapons of “potentially dangerous mental health patients,” “outlines a stricter definition of assault weapons,” boasts the “strongest ban on high capacity magazines in the country,” will “track ammo purchases in real time,” will require legal gun owners to “recertify their permit every five years,” will feature a “new comprehensive, and regularly updated, gun registration database,” and much more.

The gun-control legislation has understandably inspired much criticism, and protests have been in the works since January to fight against it. Joseph Gilbert of the Examiner reports that “As of Feb 23, 47 Counties and 16 Towns have passed resolutions or have resolutions pending rejecting the law. Additionally, 5 county Sheriffs and the Association of County Clerks oppose the Safe Act.” The law stinks. And the idea that the President would have any part in organizing a rally is unpresidential, to say the least.

This is just the beginning for Organizing for Action.

The creepy “Statement of Purpose” on their website states that the non-profit organization was established, in part, “to support President Obama in achieving enactment of the national agenda…” The organization will further “advocate for these policies throughout the country and will mobilize citizens of all parties and diverse points to speak out for speedy passage and effective implementation of this program, including gun control, sensible environmental policies to address climate change and immigration reform.” The Organizer in Chief is clearly using his “Community Organizing” background to his advantage. Perhaps, instead of focusing on outrageous, unconstitutional, unpopular and ineffective gun control measures that target law-abiding citizens, President Obama can manage to organize a reduction in the national debt.

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