Obamas on 60 Minutes and Oprah White House Christmas Special Tonight

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President Obama was recently interviewed by Steve Kroft to be aired tonight, Sunday, December 13 on CBS’s 60 Minutes at 7 p.m. ET/PT. In the interview Obama talks about bankers’ bonuses, Afghanistan, the economy, jobs as well as the breach in security at the White House state dinner.

President Obama is irked by the idea that bankers at companies that the U.S. government propped up with loans and policy only months ago will still get massive annual bonuses.

“I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street,” Obama says.

“What’s really frustrating me right now is that you’ve got these same banks who benefited from taxpayer assistance who are fighting tooth and nail with their lobbyists …up on Capitol Hill, fighting against financial regulatory control,” he tells Kroft.

On Afghanistan and the war on terror, Obama describes the tribal territories that straddle the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as the “epicenter of the violent extremism directed against the West…and the United States.” He adds, “Ultimately, in order for us to eradicate the problem, to really go after al Qaeda… we are going to need more cooperation from Pakistan. There is no doubt about that,” Obama says. (CBS)

These are just snippets from the CBS website of an interview that will prove to be very interesting. Don’t miss it!

On the warm and fuzzy side, later in the evening at 10 p.m. on ABC, Oprah Winfrey will host the “Christmas at the White House” with the First Family.

Winfrey says she has been pushing for an interview with the First Family since Obama’s election – but wanted to be sure the situation was “comfortable.”

“I wanted to be at the White House during Christmastime and to experience their first Christmas the White House,” Winfrey explains. “This has been in the making for a very, very long time.” (NY Daily News)

In the special, Winfrey tours the White House and takes in the grandeur of a Christmas at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., including the 27 Christmas trees adorning the President’s home.

Winfrey also asks the Obamas to reflect on Christmases past. (NY Daily News)


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