Obama’s Re-Election Campaign: Ugly Is as Ugly Does

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John Kerry and his Soros propaganda machine said the Tea Party was so insignificant it wasn’t worth paying attention to. Only a day later they said the Tea Party was so influential it is to blame for the country’s credit rating downgrade.

Will the Socialist Left please make up their minds who they’re going to blame for this one? Even the numbest of brains beg the question, “Gee, since the Tea Party is only 20% of the population, how can they be responsible for so much bad stuff?

The truth is, if the Tea Party had its’ way in the Debt Ceiling crisis that Obama created, we would’ve cut the $4-trillion in spending that S&P* said it needed to see to Not downgrade our credit rating. A-hem.

This is how the Democrats and Socialist Left will play Obama’s 2012 re-election. Because they have nothing better. They sure can’t re-elect Obama on his performance. You’re going to hear a lot of ugly stuff about Republicans and Tea Party candidates, because conjuring ugly stuff is all they have.

The Left’s only hope is to try to make an opposing candidate look so bad that Obama looks better. You have to admit, that’s a lot of ugly.

Obama and his Democrat Congress made all of the decisions that brought us to where we are. They rammed through costly taxpayer legislations like Obamacare and Cap & Trade, as only two costly examples. You’ve probably seen your utility bills rise already as a direct result of Cap & Trade.

Obama signed all of those Executive Orders because Obama wanted what Obama wanted, not what the American People wanted. Obama wanted to be a dictator and now he has his Super Congress to do just that.

Obama is this country’s “leader.” The buck starts and it stops with the “leader.” Sorry, Mr. Obama, that just goes with the territory. If Obama couldn’t run with the big dogs he should’ve stayed on the porch three years ago. It is that simple.

So now you’ve hung your hat on the Socialist Left’s “let’s blame the Tea Party for Obama’s S&P credit downgrade.” And that would be … why?

If your bank warned months ago they would lower your credit rating if you didn’t pay off credit cards and you really didn’t want your credit rating lowered, would you charge against five more credit cards then blame the neighbors’ kids for misbehaving? “The neighbors’ kids made me do it.” Is that your argument?

Is the Socialist Left so feeble-minded? Do they read, listen to or watch anything but their own propaganda? Do they have any idea where their own Socialist Left is heading them, heading US, the United States of America? Do they think they’re somehow exempt from the agonies of just where the US is being headed; or are they so short sighted they just don’t care?

If you’ve jumped into this Tea Party storybook you should be ashamed for demonstrating yourselves so ill-informed. They are using you and they’re laughing at you all the way to their political banks.

Somewhere in between the Socialist Left’s own propaganda remains the unspoken truth.

That truth is, in 2010, by a majority of the American People’s votes, Conservative candidates were elected to our Congress. You either respect the majority or you do not. If you don’t respect the will of the majority voters you’ve certainly no right to expect them to respect you. Being a minority does not make anyone special. After all, the Tea Party is a minority and the Left keeps insisting how “not special” they are.

The truth is, by virture of those 2010 elections the Congressmen that were elected because of their Conservative principles did uphold their promises to the majority of Americans that voted for them. Maybe you can explain how that was somehow so bad? Imagine, Congressmen who actually kept their word and that’s the Socialist Left’s biggest and best complaint?

The truth is, because the Congressmen elected by a majority of the American People lived up to their campaign promises, they voted against incurring more debt … because, guess what, the other truth is that the majority of American People did not want – and America cannot survive – incurring more debt.

Now aren’t those Tea Party people just awful to want us to live within our country’s means? How dare they be so such barbarians.

The truth is, Obama and his Democrat Congress created this mess. Let’s review just a few real facts of the credit rating downgrade:

The Debt Ceiling debate was created by Obama and his Democrats as the eleventh hour crisis that it was. They had three-years to take responsible action against it and they did not.

Obama and his Democrat Congress had three years and was obligated to prepare and present a Budget to the American People and it still has not.

The trillions in debt now and to come, our lousy economy, our failing markets, our joblessness, and the eleventh hour Debt Ceiling chaos is exactly what caused downgrading of the U.S.’ credit rating.

Only Obama and his Demcoract Congress can take credit for all of that.

So when you malign the Tea Party, thus the American People’s wishes, with foolish nonsense that is nothing but foolish nonsense, all you are doing is proving how unscrupled the Socialist Left is and how easily manipulated your principles are.


In this country Congress and the administration are responsible for the conduct of fiscal policy … it doesn’t change the fact that [modifications were made because] the underlying debt burden of the U.S. government is rising and will continue to rise most likely over the next decade.

If the Left can’t even get that right, how could we possibly expect them to get something as commplicated as debt and budgets and jobs and markets … or meeting a simple deadline for any of them in three-years time … right?


For if a man has not his own house in order how shall he take care of [other men] … ? Beware of false prophets that come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You will know them by their fruits, do they gather grapes of thorns?


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