Obama’s Science Adviser: Children from Large Families Destined to be Dumb

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Obama’s science adviser is backpedaling and has been for three years now. Sadly many Americans are only just now learning about John P. Holdren’s beliefs about children from large families or what America’s government should do to keep population “under control.” Holdren wrote a book based on some very limited studies where children from large families had lower IQs than their peers from smaller families. The only issue with the book is that it fails to take into account that the study only looked at single parent households from inner cities, most of whom were on government support.

John Holdren official portrait smallIn 2009, Holdren back peddled during his confirmation hearing before the Senate stating he no longer believed that children from large families are destined to be stupid. The only issue with his backpedaling is he is still advising the president on policies that still reflect this belief. The fact that he still wants the government to pass laws that will result in depopulation, such as making abortifacients free, makes it obvious that he harbors some of these radical beliefs. Yet again people like Obama’s science adviser are forgetting the history of this nation and of other civilized societies.

Many of the nation’s founders came from large families. In fact large families produced some of the greatest minds in history. A study completed in 2000 completely debunked Holdren’s beliefs which is comforting to parents of large families, but with the administration still standing behind Holdren, few people realize that his beliefs do not hold water. As one commentator said, the liberals publish a false study, write a book about it, and then use that history as a basis to push their beliefs into law. Until Americans take a stand to learn the truth behind people like Holdren, the fabric of this nation will continue to be under constant assault.

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