Obama’s Secret Service Further Undermines Faith in Government

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the American people now have even more reason to have a lack of faith in their government—as well as their Commander-in-Chief’s ability to successfully operate it—after 11 members of Obama’s Secret Service allegedly hooked up with prostitutes in Cartagena.

Pres. Obama told Americans he would get rid of the corruption in government if they would elect him. Looks more like he is adding to it, not getting rid of it.

Faith in government has been at an all-time low since there appeared a great divide between what the American public wants and what Congress and the Presidential administration gives them. And that’s not just this administration, either, folks.

The key difference, of course, is that this administration promised “change” from the status quo only to deliver an even worse product in the end than the one they claimed they inherited—and would change.

How can that be? Is Pres. Obama just incompetent at his job or did he never plan to make fighting government corruption a goal?

Obama’s Secret Service actions in Cartagena is the “international crisis” that V.P. Biden predicted would “define” America’s leader back during the 2008 election. But Biden wasn’t alluding to that kind of international crisis.

Americans watching the Obama Secret Service scandal unfold now have to ask themselves this question:

President Barack Obama holds an ice cream

If a lack of faith in government resulted in Americans voting for a candidate with zero White House experience in 2008, will an even greater lack of faith in 2012 motivate yet another vote to clear out the White House again?

It seems so, since you can’t restore confidence in a government being run by someone who has failed to restore that confidence in the past four years they have been given to do so.

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