Obama’s to Blame for the Birther Movement

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Obama’s to Blame for the Birther Movement

Tommy Seno makes some great points in his July 29th article:

“If he really wants the Birthers to shut up, he has the power to do it by releasing the original documents. Why not just do it then? It’s a simple task. Why not get rid of a conversation that has been with America since the campaign?

The issue is the subject of several lawsuits, which only seek a peek at original documents. Can anyone explain why it is smarter for Obama to spend tens of thousands of dollars and man-hours defending the suits when he can win the lawsuit for free by showing the original documents?”


I really believe if Obama personally showed records proving he is NOT a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution, his faithful followers wouldn’t care.  They would rather have an illegitimate President than follow the rule of law.

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