Obama’s unemployment numbers are turning into disability claims!

As President Obama’s unemployment numbers go down, disability claims go up. White collar workers whose unemployment is running out, are turning to Social Security to file for disabilty.

So what is the real number of unemployed? It is staggering, and now, it is going to impact the Social Security System which is set to go broke in 2018. So what happens to the rest of Americans who depend on Social Security?

The fact is it’s all funny numbers and statistics. The real problem is we can’t spend what we don’t have. Cuts need to be made, and Social Security should be just that. We were forced to pay into a system that FDR, a Democrat, wanted.

Now, Obama, a Democrat, is spending it into the ground. While we don’t like our programs to be cut, we also, won’t like what happens when Social Security goes broke. Give us the real numbers on unemployment, and put people back to work, Mr. Obama. You promised hope and change, and we got the shaft!

Unemployment is not at 8.3 percent; just check the Social Security claims. Unemployment is driiving people mad and into disability.

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