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Many of you have no doubt heard of the Passion Play that is performered in Oberammergau, Germany once every ten years. It depicts the last 5 days of the life of Jesus in about 7 hours. All of the actors, musicians and technicians (about 2000) are residents, out of a population of about 5000. The remaining adults are surely required to house and feed the audience!

In 1633, the village had sworn a solem oath to do this if they were spared from the effects of the bubonic plague that was ravaging Central Europe. Very few adults died from the plague, and so the play has been performed about 40 times since 1634. The year 2010 will be a Passion Play year, with over 100 performances between May and October. The theater has more than 4000 seats – and you can imagine that this is not only a spiritual and artistic quest for the participents, but also a most significant source of income.

We were in Oberammergau recently, and a side door to the theater that was built to house the play was open, so we ventured inside and took a few photos.





We went in on the side, near the stage


The stage itself is “open air,” as you can see here



There is a construction that can be extended out over the stage in case of rain, but it is open at the back, so preserving the “open air” character.



An even better view of the construction that can be extended out over the stage to protect from rain, while still retaining the “open air” feeling.



When we were there, work was in full swing, preparing for the season of performances due to start in May 2010.



Looking up on the side, you van see that this is basically a wooden structure,



supporte by massive steel construction



Sign near the main entrance


This fountain is in front of the Passion Play Theater.


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