Obsessed Man, Jed Waits, Kills Birney Elementary Teacher Jennifer Paulson

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As Jennifer Paulson walked in to the school where she works as a special education teacher helping students read, a man who had become infatuated with her in college, Jed Waits, shot and killed her. The man was killed in a police standoff shortly thereafter. The shooting occurred before students arrived at the school and classes were immediately canceled. Paulson successfully obtained a a protective order on the man in 2008 and he was arrested for violating the order just last week. On Monday, though, the man was release on bail. Waits had a history of contacting Paulson both at her school and via telephone calls, but the two never maintained a close friendship or anything that could be described as romantic. Waits was a member of the National Guard. Waits waited for Paulson before she entered the school and shot her three times, killing her nearly instantly.  Waits was pulled over by police nearly 10 miles away, exiting the vehicle while firing a weapon at the officer. The officer shot and killed waits and was not harmed. Police are still piecing together today’s events and how something like this might be prevented in the future.


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