Occupy CPAC? You Got That Right!

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Occupy protesters, along with union workers, reportedly caused a scene outside of the CPAC event taking place in D.C. today. Police were warning bloggers and other interested parties to stay away until the “scuffle” was maintained. Of course, not much is being released about this right now, so exactly how the police are maintaining this issue isn’t entirely known. Hopefully it was peaceful.

The Daily Caller, which isn’t necessarily the most credible of sources, claims that protesters were being paid $60.00 a piece to protest at the CPAC event today. However, this source wouldn’t produce any proof (photographic or video). What is known for a fact, though, is that protestors actually paid to attend the event in D.C., perhaps they paid $60.00 a piece and The Daily Caller is just exaggerating like it sometimes does.

While Mitt Romney was giving his speech, however flip-floppy it was, Occupy protesters paid and “infiltrated” the CPAC assembly by registering. Oh, those sneaky protesters! The report states that the occupiers were standing among supporters of Romney and right wing ideals with duct tape over their mouths. It’s presumed that they weren’t making much noise due to this fact. However, that didn’t stop supporters of the CPAC event from shoving and getting rowdy with the Occupy protestors. Doesn’t it figure that this type of mentality goes right to violence?

What’s even more ridiculous is that security escorted the protesters out of the assembly, even though they paid and registered like everyone else.

“Occupy a job!” conservative attendees shouted at the unfairly treated occupiers.

It’s truly despicable that people in this economy and the current state of this nation are being so callous and insensitive to those who are truly trying to stand up for practically the rest of the country. The mindless sheep follow the conservative politicians based on their social and religious ideology, ignoring just how oppressive and corrupt the politicians they’re voting for truly are. Blinded by political buzz-words that have been regurgitated to them by Fox News, these baby birds squawk and chirp without even realizing just what’s going on around them.

And that is just sad.

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