Occupy Denver Heats Up: Lawsuit Filed Against Police

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There have been several complaints of police brutality at the Occupy Denver camp. Even though some of the larger cities such as Oakland and New York have dominated media attention, things have been brewing in other cities such as Denver. The cases of police brutality in Denver are ever-increasing. The Occupy movement is the perfect breeding ground for an already corrupt law enforcement to take advantage of their power over the protestors.

By June of this year, Denver had already paid out over $1 million in police brutality settlements. Denver cops are also a bit “trigger happy.” A few years ago they charged into an apartment and shot a guy holding a Coke can, claiming they thought the beverage was a gun. Not to mention, it wasn’t even the man they were looking for.

Tuesday, seven Occupy Denver protestors filed a lawsuit in federal court against Denver police. Two of the claimants reported being ticketed for honking in support of protestors. It has even been on the local news that Denver police are ticketing drivers for such action. Apparently, honking your horn for any non-emergency is illegal but it would be hard to believe there has ever been a ticket written for such an instance until now.

Police have also posted a notice of a city ordinance that is selectively enforced for those who leave items on the sidewalks. The punishment is up to one year in jail and a $999 fine.

There have also been four raids at the Occupy Denver where 97 arrests were made. The claimants and civil rights attorney, David Lane, say their First Amendment rights have been violated. They also state that the city devised this plan of selective city ordinance enforcement to get rid of the protestors.

Occupy Denver

These claimants should have their fines paid back by the city and they should only be arresting protestors for breaking criminal laws. Homeless people in Denver actually lie on the sidewalks all over the downtown covered in newspapers. Are Denver police going to throw them all in jail for a year?

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