Occupy Los Angeles Cleanup Hazardous to Workers’ Health

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The Occupy Los Angeles cleanup was an absolutely disgusting experience for sanitation workers. Los Angeles actually welcomed the Occupy folks and tried to work with the protestors, but the protestors just could not act like civilized human beings. They filled the park with human waste and trash and made it a health hazard.

“Sanitation workers wearing hazmat suits and masks moved into City Hall park Wednesday to clean up tons of trash, debris and human waste after police evicted the 2-month-old Occupy LA tent camp and arrested almost 300 people in a mostly non-violent pre-dawn raid,” reports Mercury News.

The Occupy Los Angeles cleanup is a prime example of why these camps need to be shut down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with protesting banks and big business, but destroying public parks is animal behavior. Actually, no, animals behave better.

One can only hope that those that had to deal with cleaning up the aftermath were able to do so safely.

Occupy L.A. cleanup

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