Occupy Movement Hits Ron Paul Hard

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Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) must be used to bad press by now. It’s certainly nothing new to him recently after the newsletter “scandal” and being attacked in the media about his supposed views on Israel. It is a bit surprising that a website tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement would slam Paul as “No friend of the 99%.”

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In what some are calling a “hit piece” on the congressman, “Fight Back! News” calls Paul “…pied piper of the Republican Party.” They point out that he is getting attention from those in the Occupy movement for his thoughts on foreign policy and a bit because of his anti-war stance. They say that Paul supports “illegal and anti-democratic” assassinations and “covert action” acts against other countries. They also bring up Paul’s stand on cutting payroll taxes and privatization of Social Security saying that it would be a “boon” for Wall Street. Do they feel it is unnecessary to do anything with Social Security? It says, “…the Social Security trust fund grew by some $70 billion last year, to almost $2.7 trillion.” Somehow, they seem to have concluded that Social Security is not in dire straits.

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Even though the article acknowledges that the congressman says he did not write the “racist” newsletters, they have the same question as many citizens do. How could these comments go on for years, in newsletters with Paul’s name, without anyone noticing and stopping them? It says Paul’s opinion of blacks is “especially ugly.” It talks about additional slams against homosexuals, workers’ rights, civil liberties, and more. It says, “The solutions Ron Paul is selling will not solve the problems of working people or create more equality. They will create more poverty and oppression, just like those of the other Republicans.”

One comment, “Ron Paul’s views on immigration are sure to appeal to the worst sort of racist,” seemed pretty harsh and far-fetched. Because Paul wants tougher immigration laws, he is automatically labeled a racist. Some may disagree with the extent of Paul’s wishes for stricter immigration laws, but most Americans believe in the Melting Pot. Come, but come legally. Regarding gay rights and women’s rights, in some cases, it’s not about bigotry, Paul wants states to return to making their own laws, not having the federal government run the show.

Paul makes no secret about being anti-Union, so Fight Back! deems his “anti-workers’ rights.” No mention of the fact that Unions continuing as they are is unsustainable. They point out that Rep. Paul is against the National Labor Relations Board. Again, what they don’t point out is that it is not because he is anti-worker, it is because he is pro-Constitution.

Finally, they said, “Even with government regulation, working people continue to experience financial crisis, unemployment, poor living conditions, housing foreclosures and other problems. But Ron Paul’s so-called solution—removing the government from the economy—will not solve anything. It will make things worse. It will give more power to the 1% and the corporations.” Rioting in the streets, stopping trucks from delivering goods, blaming people who earn more money than others and sharing the wealth won’t solve the problems, either.

The comments on the article read like Ron Paul talking points. His supporters are very vocal online. There are still many things that need to be examined when it comes to Ron Paul, but by looking at his history, it seems that he is not interested in making people suffer in poverty. It appears he still believes in the American Dream (hopefully for all races), the Constitution, and working hard for what you have. Regardless of the articles, a lot of OWS members have the same concerns as Paul. A lot of OWS members want the same things as Tea Party members, just don’t tell them.

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